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I was so thrilled to find the Woolys on-line.  A particular store I used to buy them at went out of business, and I have collected them (mostly for my daughter) for years.  On a whim, I decided to search on-line which was my good fortune.  I love your product!! Thanks.  Marilyn

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"Counting Down" Wooly® Primitive Snowmen (SKU: 10260)"Counting Down" Wooly® Primitive Snowmen (SKU: 10260)Wooly® snowman holding a brightly colored paper chain.
"Drink of Water Please" Wooly® Primitive Snowmen (SKU: 10073)"Drink of Water Please" Wooly® Primitive Snowmen (SKU: 10073)
"For My Teacher" Wooly® Snowman (SKU: 10118)"For My Teacher" Wooly® Snowman (SKU: 10118)Our Wooly® Primitive snowman decoration proudly displays his work on a real chalkboard.
"For You" Wooly® Primitive Snowmen (SKU: 10245)"For You" Wooly® Primitive Snowmen (SKU: 10245)Wooly snowman holds a wrapped gift with a tag that reads "For You."
"Laugh" Wooly® Primitive Snowmen (SKU: 10484)"Laugh" Wooly® Primitive Snowmen (SKU: 10484)
"Light the Tree" Wooly® Primitive Snowman (Mini) (SKU: 10403)"Light the Tree" Wooly® Primitive Snowman (Mini) (SKU: 10403)A Wooly® Primitive Snowman adds lights to the Christmas tree.
"Lone Star" Wooly® Primitive Snowman (SKU: 10398)"Lone Star" Wooly® Primitive Snowman (SKU: 10398)Wooly® Primitive Snowman holds a decorative vine star.
"Mini My Mother's Love" Wooly® Primitive Snowmen (SKU: 10137)"Mini My Mother's Love" Wooly® Primitive Snowmen (SKU: 10137)A baby snowman snuggles with a blanket in mother's arms.
"Personalized" wMini Wooly® Primitive Snowmen (SKU: 10494)"Personalized" wMini Wooly® Primitive Snowmen (SKU: 10494)Click the Primitive Wooly® Snowmen to Personalized by adding your message to display.
"Personalized" Wooly® Primitive Snowman (SKU: 10495)"Personalized" Wooly® Primitive Snowman (SKU: 10495)
Click the Primitive Wooly® Snowman to Personalize your message for anyone on your gift list.

"Raggedy Time" Wooly® Primitive Snowmen (SKU: 10427)"Raggedy Time" Wooly® Primitive Snowmen (SKU: 10427)Wooly® Primitive Snowman holds a Raggedy Ann doll in one hand and a patchwork blanket in the other.
"Sleepy Time" Wooly® Primitive Snowmen (SKU: 10380)"Sleepy Time" Wooly® Primitive Snowmen (SKU: 10380)Wooly snowman clutches a teddy bear in one hand and a blanket in the other.
"Snowboard Tricks" Wooly® Primitive Snowmen (SKU: 10294)"Snowboard Tricks" Wooly® Primitive Snowmen (SKU: 10294)
This collectible Wooly® snowman figurine is on the ski hill. 
"Teachers Rule" Wooly® Primitive Snowmen (SKU: 10195)"Teachers Rule" Wooly® Primitive Snowmen (SKU: 10195)This Wooly® snowman holds a real chalkboard that reads "Teachers Rule!"
Quoted For Custom Order (SKU: 1)Gift Card Payment for a custom order that was quoted.
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