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Enter Family Names on Santa's List "Naughty Or Nice" #10477

Enter Family Names on Santa's List "Naughty Or Nice" #10477

Welcome to Woolys.com. The source for the original soft sculptured Wooly® snowman. Created in 1992, custom designed and handmade in the small town of Cokato, Minnesota. The primitive snowmen collection includes a variety of themed snowmen to help celebrate every season, with props ranging from hearts to camping gear. Looking for a personalized gift? Customize your Wooly® snowman by adding a special date, name, or word. Shop Woolys to find the perfect Wooly ® Snowman no matter who is on your list or add one to your home décor. Made in America, Wooly® Snowmen come with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. We're proud to say Made in USA and born, raised and still located in Cokato, Minnesota. 

Customer Testimonials:

I love Woolys, and purchase at least one, usually two, for each of my daughters every year.  They have quite a collection now! Jan

Happy New Year Gregg! I love the Wooly’s.  I plan to order more for three friends to start them on a collection over the years for Christmas.  They are adorable. Thanks again. Maureen

I'm so happy to have found the Woolys web site. Everywhere I go I look for Woolys. My Mother got me my first Wooly many years ago and I now have more than 20. Thank-you, J. Fuller

Nineteen years ago I bought each member of my staff a wooly for Christmas. The next year I gave them a different gift and I never saw such disappointment on their faces. They were quick to tell me they were hoping for another wooly! So, for the past eighteen years I have given each of them a different wooly at Christmas time. Since I am retiring in September and will not be with them for the holidays, I am placing my order in advance. I hope to make their last gift memorable. Thank you for brightening our lives with your beautiful snowmen/ladies! Marianne-Northampton, MA.

Satisfaction Guaranteed! Hat colors, patterns and materials will vary.  If not completely satisfied please return your product within 30 days for a full refund or ask for a replacement.

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